Spring-summer 2023 fashion trends

Spring-summer 2023 fashion trends

At Plante Paradise, we love fashion as much as plants! That's why we've collected Spring-Summer 2023 fashion trends to give you ideas for your wardrobe. This season's collections are more vibrant, bolder and more optimistic than ever. Get ready to add color and prints to your wardrobe!

trendy colors

Spring and Summer 2023 is the next season of vibrant colors and soft pastel tones. The most popular colors are blue, green, yellow and pink. Shades of blue have become a staple, ranging from bright turquoise to delicate sky blue. Greens come in tons of mint, olive and khaki, while yellows range from spicy mustard to fresh lemon yellow. Pinks are also very popular this season, from soft and pale pinks to more intense pinks. The color combinations for this season are mostly pastel colors with pops of bright colors.

trendy prints

Floral prints, stripes and animal prints are still very present this season. Floral patterns will mostly be larger, bolder flowers. Stripes are also popular, ranging from thin stripes to thicker stripes. The most popular animal prints for this season are snake and zebra patterns. Graphic prints, checks and polka dots will also be very present.

Trendy pieces

Dresses are a must-have for this season. Long dresses, midi dresses and short dresses will be very popular. Flared pants, pleated skirts and denim shorts are also very popular. Short-sleeved shirts will also be a key item for this season. Leather jackets, blazers and trench coats will be the perfect options for cooler evenings. Accessories include banana-shaped handbags, oversized sunglasses and colorful jewelry. 

Spring summer 2023 fashion is the season of boldness and optimism. Vibrant colors, bold prints and unique pieces are the stars of this season. At Plante Paradise, we love colors, floral patterns and nature, so this season is a perfect match for our theme. Feel free to add colors and prints to your wardrobe and enjoy the summer season!

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